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Kansas City, MO NNN properties are one of the few investments that yield stable and guaranteed income with a relatively high rate of return.


A 1031 exchange provides real estate investors with the opportunity to defer 100% of both federal and state capital gain taxes in MO.


Kansas City, MO buy 1031 NNN properties for passive / retirement income, no property management or maintenance.

Who buys NNN properties?

You can buy NNN properties as an investor or through a 1031 exchange. Most triple net properties are owned by individuals. However, real estate investment trusts (REIT), pension funds and other institutions also buy NNN properties. Most NNN income properties for sale are priced between $1,000,000 and $30,000,000. Please note 1031 exchange would only apply if you are using proceeds from a sale to acquire property.

What is a NNN property

1031 NNN triple net property is a type of income property where the tenant maintains 100% of everything. Everything includes the roof, structure, plumbing, paint, parking lot, HVAC, etc. In addition, the tenant pays for all property taxes, insurance and common area maintenance (CAM).

Where are most NNN properties located?

Triple net properties are located on the corner of “main and main” and on heavily traveled thoroughfares in almost every city throughout the United States. Examples of triple net income properties for sale include pharmacies (Walgreens and CVS), banks (Chase Bank and Wells Fargo), restaurants (McDonald’s and Panera), auto parts (AutoZone and O’Reilly), dollar stores (Dollar General and Dollar Tree), big box (Wal-Mart and Target) and many others.

Why buy NNN properties?

Passive income, preservation of equity and appreciation of value are the primary reasons why investors and 1031 exchange buyers purchase NNN property. Security is achieved when your tenant has strong credit and a great location. Passive income is achieved when your tenant has a long-term lease (10-25 years) and maintains 100% of everything.

When should you review NNN properties?

Now is the time to learn more about NNN triple net properties if security and passive income are your investment property goals. Click Here to receive a list of available NNN triple net properties.

1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange

Defer federal and state
capital gains taxes

NNN Income Properties for Sale

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Buy NNN Property

Buy NNN Property

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Return on NNN Investment

Return on Investment

Preservation of equity
and estate planning

1031 NNN Property in Kansas City, MissouriBenefits of 1031 Exchange

1031 Exchange

Eliminate Property Management - Some investors accumulate several single family rentals, strip centers, shopping centers and/or apartments' buildings. The ongoing maintenance and management of these property types is overwhelming for many investors and will be lessened by exchanging into single tenant NNN income producing properties. Learn More.

NNN Property

Guaranteed Income - You can sell your current property and receive passive income for 10-25 years when you own a triple net leased income property.

1031 NNN Property

Now is the Time - How many times have you dealt with a vacancy or roof leak? You will not worry about these issues if you own a property with a long-term NNN triple net lease.

NNN Triple Net Property

Estate Planning - Sometimes a number of family members inherit one large property and have different financial goals. Some family members want to continue holding the investment, others want to sell it immediately for cash. By exchanging from one large property into smaller properties, an investor can designate which specific property each heir will receive. Learn More about getting your finances in order for retirement and consult with your financial advisors.

Steps in purchasing NNN property in Kansas City, MO(Time is money. Make sure neither is wasted.)

Identify the Right Property

a. Review many properties.
b. Analyze the demographics (surrounding retail, traffic counts, ingress / egress).
c. Analyze the tenant (credit worthiness, track-record, franchise vs corporate, store sales).
d. Analyze the lease (landlord obligations, rent increases, option periods, termination provisions).
e. Compare and contrast each property.
f. Narrow down to the one right property.

Secure the Right Property

a. Submit a Letter of Intent to purchase the property.
b. Convince the seller you are the right buyer (having closed properties with the seller makes a tremendous difference).
c. Finalize the letter of intent.
d. Prepare for the purchase contract.

Finalize the Purchase Contract

a. Seller’s attorney will prepare a purchase contract shortly after the Letter of Intent is agreed to.
b. Your attorney must be ready to review / negotiate the purchase contract. Your broker must prepare your attorney based on knowledge gained from finalizing the Letter of Intent.
c. Determine what due diligence items the seller has and will provide during due diligence. Line up survey, engineer and environmental providers before the purchase contract is signed (if sufficient reports are not provided by seller).
d. Sign the purchase contract.

Due Diligence

a. Your due diligence period begins the day your purchase contract is signed. Make sure that you, your broker and your attorney are 100% engaged and ready to confirm you are purchasing the right property. Careful analysis in the prior steps will make this step much easier.
b. Tenant financials, title, survey, engineer report, environmental report, certificate of occupancy, tax certificate, property insurance, estoppel certificate, construction warranties, warranty deed and loan documents (if applicable) must be reviewed and approved before your due diligence period concludes.


a. Closing is the culmination of proper planning and thorough analysis. You have reviewed many properties and identified the one right property. Now comes the fun part.
b. Now that your due diligence is complete, you want to close the property as quickly as possible.
c. Your attorney will prepare and review the closing documents.
d. You make money (rent) the day you close!

NNN Triple Net Property in Kansas City, MOWhat 1031 Exchange & NNN Property look like:

Buy NNN Property

$ 2 - 10 Million

NNN Bank - Possible tenants include J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, Bank of America, etc.

Income Properties for sale

$ 5 - 25 Million

NNN Pharmacy - Possible tenants include Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

NNN Triple Net Property

$ 1 - 10 Million

NNN Restaurant - Possible tenants include Applebee's, Chipotle, Chili's, Panera, Carl's Jr., Wendy's, Burger King, KFC, Taco Bell, Hardee's, McDonald's, etc.

BuyNNN Property

Below are sample 1031 NNN income properties for sale in Kansas City, Missouri and nationwide.

NNN properties sell fast. Investors must review new NNN real estate listings daily so their commercial real estate broker may submit a Letter of Intent and secure the 1031 NNN triple net property of their choice. Time is of the essence.